Mission statement: Empower organizations to craft delightful interactions with their users.

Values: These are the values that we believe help us in achieving our mission:

  1. Live for the User 👩: We are the customer’s voice in a room where they can sometimes be forgotten. We help our clients keep their users at the heart of every decision, when they are often tempted to focus on business only.
  2. Be an Owner🕴: Every member of our team is empowered to get things done. We never say “that’s not my job”. We act in the interest of the entire company, and not one particular team/product/client/etc. Specific ways in which we demonstrate ownership are:
    1. Staying the Course 🗽: Arriving at answers that work often takes trial and error. We work with the stamina it takes to creatively solve all the problems we take ownership of.
    2. Knowing that the Devil is in the Details 😈: Just delivering answers isn’t good enough for us. We ensure that our articulation is simple, precise and meaningful with evidence of our dedication in the smallest and the seemingly insignificant parts.
  3. Be in it for the Long Haul 🏃: We believe that the means are as important as the ends we pursue. Milestones are great but our collective experiences in the trenches are even better. Everything we do keeps the long term interests of the company, our clients and their customers at heart.
  4. Get Things Done ✓: We believe that getting things done is better than waiting for the perfect implementation (if there is such a thing, at all!). We don’t confuse outputs for outcomes, or activity for results. We believe in running experiments and iterating our approach to meet the dynamic demands of clients and consumers. Specific ways in which we demonstrate a bias for action are:
    1. Embracing Not Knowing 😕: Work with whatever information is available if it’s not exhaustive. We proactively seek out the information we need to get our job done rather than waiting for someone to provide it.
    2. Being Early Adapters* 🔌: Embracing change without being rigid. We are not married to any technology stack, management philosophy or principles (other than the ones listed in this document). We never say “but that’s not how it’s done here”.
  5. The Best Innovations are Simple 📏: We relentlessly invent and innovate to deliver the simplest possible solutions to our clients and their users. No matter how difficult the problems before us may be, we begin by breaking that complexity down to its simplest elements. Specific ways in which we demonstrate this value are:
    1. Never Stop Questioning 🔦: We don’t have all the answers. However, with a combination of curiosity and the discipline of self-learning, we are able to discover non-obvious answers.
    2. Look Beyond the Obvious 🔍: We solve problems often by an indirect and creative approach, by viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.
  6. Foster Relationships 🤝: We believe in the power of human connection. We humanize every problem and interaction. We form strong connections within the team, with our clients and with users. Specific ways in which we demonstrate this value are:
    1. Believe in Being Better Together 👥: We work together, seek out feedback, and believe that each member of the team adds unique value and insights.
    2. Celebrate Difference 👬: Of opinions, ideas, and perspectives.
  7. Let Your True Self Shine 💫: Finally, being a “Walker” is not about ticking off qualities from a checklist – it’s about being fun, creative, passionate and disarmingly honest about who you are. We bring our best selves to work but are not afraid to admit to mistakes and failures.
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